Valentine’s Day Printable

Remember when you were a kid and you got to decorate a box every year for Valentine’s Day? You’d bring a shoebox into school and paint it or cover it in stickers or paper. Your mom would help you cut a hole in the top for cards, and you’d bring candy and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles card for every kid in the class.

Adult Valentine’s Day is a little different. Not that it doesn’t also have its perks, but there’s something to be said for a day where regardless of whether or not you’re attached, you know someone is going to bring you “Smarties for a Smartie!” or a card with terrible love themed puns from your favorite animated series. (TMNJ, anyone?!)

Well, I’m bringing it back. Why should kids get to have all the fun? I like bad puns just as much as any 6 year old I know (read: one) and I really like candy. I plan to pass out valentines to my husband, friends, coworkers, whoever. And you can too!

Valentines Day

Click below to view a pdf of some valentines you can print at home- complete with bad puns.

Valentines Day Printable From WhitneyMakes
You may need Adobe Reader to view the file, which is a free download.

Just print, cut out and deliver. The back is blank for you to write whatever your heart desires, or you can leave them blank and anonymously brighten someone’s day.  I’m sure a quick note left at their cubicle would make even the grinchiest* of Valentine’s Day haters smile.

I think my favorite one is the bumblebee. I’m kindof obsessed with them right now, though I am actually pretty terrified** of them in real life. This one is cute and harmless, but I can’t promise he won’t give you a papercut.

Please feel free to print as many as you’d like for personal use for you or your child***. I’d love to know that someone other than me got some amusement out of these! Hope you enjoy!

*Grinchiest, as in most like the Grinch. It’s a word. Google it.
**running, crying, swatting like a hysterical child. I’ve done it all.
*** I’m not sure at what age its appropriate to SWAK. I leave that to your judgement. 


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