Our Chalkboard Wall

After we took down our “Christmas Tree” I realized I really liked having a chalkboard in that space right outside of our kitchen. I didn’t like, however, propping it up on an easel and essentially wasting the wall behind it and covering the window. I could have simply hung the chalkboard on the wall, but why do that when an entire wall makes such a bigger statement?

So I painted it. I present to you our new chalkboard wall! By new, I mean not new at all. We painted this in January right after christmas, but I keep forgetting to blog about it until now.

Honestly I’ve always wanted one and I’m excited to just have a doodle space.

I realize I would have a much better excuse for something like this if I had children, but I don’t really care. This chalkboard wall is just for me, and it was so simple-Prime, paint and draw. In fact, the most difficult part of this was finding the chalk! I guess blackboards aren’t as prominent anymore.

We’ve decorated it for parties and just with messages for each other. It’s also fun to leave blank before having friends over, just to see what fun shows up. It’s definitely one of my favorites parts of the house now!


PS- I have a whole Pinterest board (slowly growing) dedicated to ideas for what to draw on my chalkboard. Check it out! And if you have a chalkboard wall or any great ideas, please let me know or send me pictures!


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