New Office Reveal: Making Progress

The other week I wrote about our hunt for new office furniture, and shared a few inspiration photos of what our dream office would look like. One trip to Ikea later and it’s perfect!

Just kidding. It’s far from done. But we did purchase two desks, chairs and a storage unit and I am happy to say that the office is now well on its way to being the office of my dreams.

You’ll remember from the last post that I desperately wanted a two person desk or a built in type of situation. My husband was far from sold on the idea, so I needed a less than permanent situation that building my own.

I talked my husband into at least giving it a shot to see what he thought, and once he reluctantly agreed it pretty much went like this:

In this scenario I would be Ace Ventura and my poor, scared husband would be the other guy, fearing for his life the whole time but unable to stop me. Except you know, with office furniture and no actual danger.

Turns out two desks and a storage piece from Ikea fit perfectly along my back wall. Like a glove.


I am in love with this new set up. It’s so new and shiny, everything fits perfectly and I really think it looks like a legit office now. Of course my half is more of a craft space, but we have so much space I could probably have three projects going at once and pay some bills with no problem. Big improvement from before.

DSC_0275   DSC_0268
DSC_0261   DSC_0289
DSC_0295   DSC_0286

There are obviously still a lot of things to do. Still plenty of unpacking and organizing to complete, as well as making some personal touches to pretty up the space. The all white look is clean but I do need a little color or I’ll go nuts. We’ve lined the opposite wall with our bookshelves so eventually those will need to be organized as well, and possibly painted since they are black and a bit overwhelming near the bright white. I will mention though that they also fit perfectly in the space,all of which is quite lucky considering I didn’t measure at all.

I’m thrilled with how this is coming together and can’t wait to make a bit more progress on the room. So, what do you think?


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