Stamped Embroidery

I have another simple embroidery project to share with you today- a stamped monogram.

I’ve been on a family theme lately, what with our family portrait and now a little red monogram to add to the mix. My one year anniversary is quickly approaching and I guess I’m feeling sentimental. As always, click the photos to see a larger  image.


My sister had given us a stamp of our name and address as a Christmas gift, and I wanted to see what it would look like paired with a little embroidery.

I repeated the stamp several times on the fabric and stitched over the “M” in the middle and added some other small details.


I had a small round frame hanging around, so I popped it in and propped it up on some books on our bookshelf.

One lesson learned, though this worked fine with the stamp and ink pad I had, to really prevent running (especially if you intend to wash or iron your piece before framing) invest in some fabric ink instead. Overall though, this was nice and simple, and my first stamped embroidery project.


Thanks for looking!



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