Kitchen Embroidery: Back to Basics

Sometimes I just need a simple embroidery project to feel inspired. An easy project in both idea and execution to give my brain a break but my crafting ego a boost can be exactly right for a long weekend.

I stitched two new pieces of embroidery for my kitchen from some retro inspired patterns I found in a friend’s stash.


Both baking themed, of course! The lines were simple and I kept the stitches that way too, using only straight stitch, split stitch for the majority, and a few embellishments in the form of french knots and stem stitches throughout.

Here are some detail shots of the stitching. Click to see larger images

DSC_0041     DSC_0045

My plan is to hang these as part of a collage wall in the kitchen, so I will probably keep them in the hoops and just finish the back. I normally try to draw my own patterns, but these were just what I needed! Simple and ready to go.

Do you ever go back to the basics when you need a refresh?


2 thoughts on “Kitchen Embroidery: Back to Basics

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