Beaded Bird Embroidery

Oh hey, I exist. It probably seems like I don’t but I assure you I do in fact exist in a land far far away called Exhausted. I haven’t really made much of anything in quite some time, but here’s a project from September I never got around to sharing. Enjoy!

I’ve always wanted to try incorporating beads into my embroidery. Not sure why I felt that creating the entire thing out of beads was smart for my first go’round, but I for some reason the craft gods smiled on me for this project, and I am very pleased with the end result.




I can’t wait to try this technique again! I sent this piece away to a new home but every time I come across the pictures in my folder I get excited all over again. Hopefully that will get me out of this craft slump I seem to be in lately, that and some time to relax would do wonders!

Happy Tuesday!



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