Backyard Refresh

This past weekend we finally rolled up our sleeves and got down to some house work. We painted the railings on our front porch, the door to our attic and our mailbox post, and finally did some much needed work in the backyard.

A few before photos…


oh look – parsley!


might be a touch overgrown

If you look very closely you can see a brick patio beneath the mess. But how big is it? Where does it go? How did it get there? After a little elbow grease we were able to answer all of those questions and more! Ok, we still don’t technically know all of that, but it doesn’t matter. Because here’s what it looks like now:




I’m so happy we put this on our to-do list for the weekend! I’ve been wanting to get out there and clean it up for a long time, but I felt overwhelmed and I’ll admit it, a little lazy. Nick’s parents are pretty much the only reason we got anything done around the house this weekend. They are much more motivated than I am, and they showed up with a lovely outdoor rug and candles to dress it up!

They also helped us plant some tomato plants, cucumbers, peppers and herbs so with any luck I’ll soon be eating some tasty food from my own garden. Here’s hoping!



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