A Family Portrait

It’s been about two months since my last post, a much longer break than I ever intended. It makes coming back to the blog that much harder. The longer I went without blogging, the more pressure I felt to make the first post back great. I’ve been working so hard at my day job that just about everything in my personal life suffered for a month or two, with the possible exception of going to the gym. I’m proud to say that even when I was running around like a crazy person and eating whatever crappy food was laying around the office, I was still making it to my workouts at least a few times a week. And I almost look forward to it these days. Almost.

But enough about that. Somewhere in the crazy that was my life, I actually took some time to make something that I’m pretty excited about! Behold our tiny, pixelated family:


I’ve been wanting to make a family portrait for a while now, especially after seeing these on a blog post at Oh Joy.

I love the idea of an illustration, but my skills weren’t going to cut it, so I made a little cross stitch pattern of the two four of us. From left to right is our orange kitty Chuck Norris, my husband Nick, me, and our cat Igor.

I love cross stitch because it’s so easy to adapt to whatever you want, and basically if you can count you can make your own pattern. That said, there are plenty of free patterns online that are easy to change if you don’t feel comfortable starting from scratch. I actually changed mine quite a bit from the first sketch. It bothered me that Nick was wearing a cardigan and I was sleeveless.

IMG_0142 IMG_0143

One last photo. It’s in a five inch hoop, so it’s pretty teeny. I’m thinking of adding our name and maybe a decorative border. Something like below perhaps! (Photo below edited with A Beautiful Mess app, which is my new favorite thing!)



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