Our First Christmas Tree

Well, our first as a married couple anyway. As you may remember, we just moved a few days ago. I wrote that last blog post from my phone in between hauling boxes. Christmas is just 12 days away, and I don’t even know what box our decorations are in.

We wanted to buy a real tree this year for our first Christmas, but I knew once our closing date got pushed back another week that wasn’t going to happen. By the time I got a tree up and decorated, we’d have all of 5 days to enjoy it before leaving it behind to visit family. Not to mention, Christmas is expensive, and so is buying a house. I just didn’t have the extra money this year. The cats are already anxious without a new plant in the house. I had a lot of excuses. 

But I couldn’t let our first christmas together go uncelebrated, and I needed somewhere to put those presents.

So I present to you, our Chalkboard Christmas Tree!


Yes, its a chalkboard that I drew a Christmas tree on. Yes, my husband probably thinks I’m crazy. But I think its actually pretty cute, and since we don’t have a mantle to hang stockings from anyway the easel left over from our wedding proved to be a pretty handy device.


It’s weird, but I kindof love it. It may have to come back next year in addition to the actual tree.

PS- today is my birthday!


One thought on “Our First Christmas Tree

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