My weekend in Fernandina

Have you ever been to Fernandina Beach? I have, and its adorable. Nick and I went about a month ago for my father’s wedding and took a little tour around the historic part of town. I snapped a few shots (while the trolley was in motion, so forgive the blurriness) of some things that I loved. Now that its a bit chilly outside these photos from when it was warm out and sunny are making me miss my mini vacation even more.

It really is unfortunate I can’t seem to keep any plants alive, but with these adorable flowers I don’t have to.  Looks like they are made from strainers and maybe even some saw blades, so I didn’t get too close.


A few unique houses also left me loving this cute town. The one on the top left has carousel horses all around the porch! Love that.

The bottom right is the house were Pippi Longstocking was filmed. We didn’t go in, but there was a sign to prove it.

If you need a quaint little seaside town to spend a weekend in, go explore Fernandina Beach and Amelia Island. They even had a few decent bars!


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