DIY Fail

Every once in a while I try a craft and it just… fails. A few weeks ago my buddy in Atl showed me how to cut glass. I tried it out at his place and marveled at how simple and easy my new project was going to be.


Until I got home and couldn’t make it work. I tried three times with equally bad luck.

No matter what I tried it just wasn’t happening for me. As soon as I have more bottles I plan to try again, but I’m wondering- what do you do when a project just doesn’t come together the way you thought it would?


3 thoughts on “DIY Fail

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  2. I have been cutting glass! Do you have a kit? (I have an Ephrem cutter.) I’ve had mixed results, but I also blame the quality of the glass :-) not my ability…

    • We have actually been experimenting with different colors and thickness and I think it really makes a difference! I’ve found that 12oz bottles don’t work at all, and I’ve had mixed results with 22oz. I’ve gotten better though, and I should have another post up about it soon. :)

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