Choosing Paint Colors

We finally were able to narrow it down and select paint colors for the new house. It was a little overwhelming, and didn’t really end up the way I thought it might. It’s one thing to paint a room, but trying to choose a color palette for your whole house at once, especially a house you’ve only been in a handful of times, is kindof terrifying. I visited this website almost every day trying to find some inspiration, but for the most part was too terrified to commit myself to anything as bold as their color palettes. (though I became completely obsessed with this one– I think I can still make it happen in my living room if I play my cards right)

Fortunately, I think we found some good options.

It’s hard to get an accurate photo of color samples, and when I went to the Sherwin Williams website to see their swatches it was even more inaccurate. But, just for fun, the colors we chose are Modern Gray (living room), Oyster White (hallway and office), Imagine(dining room), Glimmer(kitchen), Tradewind(master bedroom), Rain(both bathrooms) and Individual White(guest bedroom).

Take those links with a grain of salt, because on my monitor the purples look pink and the kitchen color looks white. The picture above is only slightly more accurate.

But I’m nervous as hell. This could be a disaster. Once on the walls I could hate every room and there’s no turning back on this particular project, only do-overs. Expensive and time consuming do-overs.

But for now I’m committed, especially to the dining room color. I have pretty high hopes for that one.


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