Chocolate Guinness Pie with Beer Marshmallow Merengue

The crappy iphone photos are mine, the recipe is not. But any dessert that calls for a beer reduction is my kind of dessert. Go ahead and do yourself a favor and go make this right now.

I made this pie for my husband‘s birthday which we actually celebrated in Atlanta, GA for Atlanta Beer Week with our buddy Josh. Thursday night though we headed to World of Beer for a couple drinks with friends to kick the weekend off right.

I’m ashamed of how horrible these photos are. My only excuse is that I failed to take pictures until we got to the bar, which meant that A) it was dark and B) several hungry people were standing by. Except that excuse only applies to one photo. Regardless, they are all bad. My only hope was instagram.

The best thing about this pie in my opinion is the crust. It’s crushed pretzels and graham crackers mixed with brown sugar and butter and I had a really hard time not eating it out of the bowl.

The best thing about this pie in my husband’s opinion was probably the chocolate Guinness layer.


The beer reduction is mixed into the marshmallow layer, and I’m sad to say that mine didn’t turn out nearly as pretty as Sprinkle Bakes. It was the wrong consistency as well, but I think I know why. The recipe calls for beating the mixture while heating it on the stove, but I wasn’t able to do that because there are no electrical outlets near my stove. Still, even if you’re in the same boat as me the marshmallow layer tasted great, it was just a bit gooey and did not thicken.

My husband loved this, as did everyone else who tried a slice, so despite my difficulties I definitely recommend it. Thanks to Sprinkle Bakes for posting the recipe!



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