work in progress

It’s finally fall, and though the days are getting shorter I think the work days are actually getting longer. I’ve been craving a nice, relaxing weekend full of hot tea and embroidery, and I think this weekend I might just get it. Plus scary movies, always a plus!

Very soon I’ll be able to post the project I just finished last week. I sent off a box of handmade Halloween goodies, but as those are a surprise for someone, I’ll hold off on pictures until she receives.

In the meantime, I’ve been sketching out my next embroidery project. A crafty friend from the internet is redoing her kitchen and its all matryoshka doll themed, so I get to make something cute. I’m thinking I may finally use this project as an excuse to try some color tinting as well.

Here’s to a weekend of sleeping in and crafting!


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