we bought a house

Well, we’re currently in the process of buying a house. And for those of you who’ve done this before, you know its an incredibly complicated and at times stressful process.

Of course, I’m a little distracted by some of the more fun aspects of home buying- designing.


I’ve been a little too excited about the prospect of getting to finally begin decorating a house from scratch. I’m used to beige rentals and crappy apartments. I was so thrilled that less than a week after our offer was accepted I picked up design magazines, bookmarked a dozen blogs and ran right to the local hardware store to shop my options.

I was completely overwhelmed, no surprise there. Blogs didn’t help, neither did magazines. I spent an hour confusing myself even more.

Its like planning a wedding all over again- countless options and all of them more expensive than the last.

Decision making has never been easy for me, and I tend to agonize over the decisions that matter the least. Picking the house was pretty easy- I loved it as soon as I saw it. But now that there are 1500 shades of blue in the mix… well, let’s just say its going to be a long month.


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