crock pot beer chicken

Sounds delicious, right? It’s September which means fall is on the way and there’s no better time  to dust off some tasty crock pot recipes, especially easy ones like this. I’m big fan of recipes that include dumping something on top of chicken and leaving it; they’re hard to mess up. We used Motor Boat as our beer. Motor Boat is a fall seasonal from Sweetwater and it is delicious. If you’re a beer geek, check out this review for some more details (full disclosure, my husband writes that blog)

2 chicken breasts (or thighs would be tasty too)
1 bottle/can of beer
salt and pepper to taste
other seasonings

Dump in crock pot, cook on low for 6 hours. Eat.

Wait what does other seasonings mean? That means pair your seasoning with your beer! We used a bitter, hoppy ESB and I love garlic, so I opted for Italian seasonings like oregano and savory, and threw some fresh garlic in. I’d also like to try this with a chocolate stout and some red pepper or chili powder, though that might be better suited to beef. Overall I think Italian flavors or even Cajun spices would work well if you’re going with a simple pale ale.

My husbands favorite part though was the gravy I made from the leftover liquid. Just ladle some into a shallow pan and thicken with a touch of flour. The longer it simmers the thicker it will get, and it really brought out the beer flavor. We served it with green beans and some failed biscuits/rolls that I will not be sharing on the blog. A very tasty weekend dinner!


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