Whitney makes a ring pillow

Easily the fastest project I put together for the wedding was this ring pillow.

While we had no ring bearer and no need per say for a ring pillow, we did want to have a ring warming. A ring warming provides guests the opportunity to see and touch your rings while saying a quiet blessing or prayer for your marriage. It’s cheesy, I admit it. Typically this is done during the ceremony, but with our number of guests and a less than 10 minute ceremony, this didn’t seem feasible. We did it ahead of time, tied the rings to a pillow so they didn’t walk away, and made sure they made it back to the Best Man before it was time to start.

Sadly, I took no pictures of the actual pillow making process, so I’ve recreated it below. As with many of the things I make, a tutorial would just be insulting to your intelligence.
If you can sew (on a machine or by hand) in a straight line you can make this, so follow along with the pictures, and if you need more help, I’m just a comment away!





And thats it. Once you’ve tacked your button in place (sewing all the way through the batting and both sides if you want a tufted appearance) just tie a ribbon around your rings and secure it around the button.

Of course, this is the same method you’d use to make, say, couch pillows, but skipping the button and ribbon step. A super easy DIY, yes?


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