Sunday Salad

The majority of our friends, and even our families, treat Sunday dinner as one of the bigger meals of the week. It makes sense really. You’re home all day which leaves plenty of time to prep and cook and even clean. It’s the last day of the weekend, and possibly the last relaxed meal you’ll have for five more days- you’ll want to savor it and treat it special.

But for us, Sunday is usually a day of detoxing. We likely partied all weekend, not paying any care to what food we ate and overdoing the beer. So Sundays, after we do the grocery shopping, we like to make something easy, simple, and when able, healthy.

Nick’s parents brought us some nice wooden salad bowls back from a vacation, so I used them for the first time tonight and made a tasty salad with whatever leftovers we had or would have from the weeks recipes. I love salads like this- you just throw on whatever you have and it ends up being delicious. Rice bowls for me are much the same way.

Tossed mixed spring greens with some raw red onion and feta, and added some sauteed mushrooms and chicken on top. A little oil and vingar for some dressing and we were good to go. After the weekend we had, helping Nick celebrate his Press Association award, it was a much needed light meal.

new bowls! pretty, yes?


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