Blog Roundup

I’ve been a bad blogger, and an even worse crafter.

It’s been at least a few months since I’ve made much of anything. I think it’s partially because I am anticipating a good bit of DIY for the upcoming wedding and I’m doing my best not to get burnt out early. Mostly it’s because I’ve been lazy.

I’ve got to get inspired again and get my hands moving before I start to lose my mind or sink permanently into the sofa.

Lately the most inspiring things I’ve seen are some new (to me) graphic design blogs and wedding blogs. So while I can’t provide a tutorial of any kind of my own today, I can at least get you set up with some links of what I’ve been starring at in my pajamas for several days (ok fine, weeks) and direct you to someone who doesn’t suck at updating their blog.

Emmaline Bride  Pretty sure everyone on the internet knew about about this blog before me, but I’ve recently become obsessed. Beautiful weddings, tutorials and giveaways. It’s pretty awesome.

Graphics Fairy Free printables like every other day. I’ve been pinning all of them.

puglypixel All kinds of photoshop tutorials that are super detailed and easy to follow. I’ve already used some of their tips at work, and will definitely be using more.

That’s it for now. I’ll try harder next time.


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