What’s coming up

We’re two weeks into 2012 and already 2011 feels like old news. I have so much going on this year that December feels like a lifetime ago. Weekends in January will likely be solely devoted to wedding planning, and weekends in February will almost all be spent out of town. Charleston and Atlanta will be popular spots for me the rest of winter, as will beer festivals-not that I’m complaining. I even have a trip out of town scheduled for work.

But this doesn’t leave me much time to do some of the other things I love. Wedding planning is cool, but it takes up a lot of free time that previously was devoted to playing on the internet and watching Doctor Who with Nick. And squeezing in all that Doctor Who leaves even less time to write interesting blog posts.

While you’re waiting for me to do all these new and exciting things, feel free to check out some of the wedding ideas I’ve been stockpiling on pinterest. I’m more than a little addicted.


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