Bread made from spent grain

Since we made our first batch of homebrew last night I decided to try and find something to do with all the left over spent grain after the mash. Nick suggested we try to make bread and a quick google search provided several different recipes to try. I went with the simplest one I could find- just flour, the grain, a bit of salt, water and of course yeast.

Check out the results:

Looks pretty darn fancy and artisanal doesn’t it? Well it’s not. It was easy and delicious. I’ll definitely be making it again, with just a few changes. Going to change to an all wheat flour and I’m thinking of adding a few tablespoons of honey into the dough, just to sweeten it up. I’ll be a bit more cautious with my flour usage when shaping the loaves as well. Overall though this was so easy to make theres no way I could not be pleased with the tasty results.

I can’t wait to eat this for breakfast tomorrow.

Basic recipe from Top Fermented 


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