2011 Recipe Roundup

While I don’t consider 2011 the year I learned to cook (still kinda working on that) I do consider it the year I found Pinterest. Or perhaps Pinterest found me. Either way, this amazing bookmarking site provided the fiance and I with countless recipe options, several of which I actually got around to trying!

Let’s start with a breakfast recipe. I tried countless egg recipes and little hashbrown cups and a few muffins. They were all pretty good, but none of them impressed me like the Lemon Ricotta Pancakes from Annie’s Eats. For one, ricotta seems to sit leftover in my fridge until it molds. I make one pasta dish with it and the rest just never gets used. I found this recipe and it seemed like a great way to use it up. It was. They were thick and delicious. I know that seems like the opposite you generally want from your pancakes, but for some reason I just loved these. I got lazy and skipped the homemade blackberry sauce, but they went great with the boysenberry syrup I had. A little more effort than your typical bisquick pancakes but in my opinion so so worth it. Bonus- they freeze really well!
(Also really enjoyed this recipe from Annie’s Eats as well!  Easiest and most delicious pasta dish ever.)

This Garlic and Lime Marinated Pork Chop recipe from SkinnyTaste became a staple in our house. So easy and twice as delicious as you think it’s going to be. And it’s weight watchers friendly! This entire blog has been a life saver for me really. I’ve yet to try a recipe from it that wasn’t tasty, healthy, AND gobbled up by the fiance.

Finally, I tried this, a three ingredient healthy and vegan friendly ice cream. And by healthy, I really do mean healthy. The primary ingredient is bananas! Best of all, it didn’t require an ice cream maker! Turned out pretty good, not really ice cream consistency though.  It stayed soft serve consistency or even runnier most of the time. We finally tried to freeze it but it became so rock hard at that point it was even worse. Not easy to keep around the house though, and definitely not a replacement for actual ice cream, but it tasted awesome and was a nice cool treat to enjoy during the summer. We will definitely make it when it gets warm again. I may try to freeze it into popsicles next time.

Of course we didn’t subsist on pancakes and ice cream alone. In fact I tried a new recipe tonight that I’ll be posting about soon, and I’ll share a quick recap of our AWESOME New Years Eve in Greenville, SC with The Avett Brothers! More to come soon.




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