oh the huge manatee!

Life is so exhausting when you’re a kitty. I’ve kindof felt like this all week, too. Work has been emotionally draining lately and by the time I get home theres no more room in my brain for creativity, only more nyquil.
But I am improving.
Today I sent off my Craftster package to my awesome awesome partner, and now get to play the waiting game until she gets it. I hope she likes everything, these swaps can be intimidating! As soon as she receives I’ll post pictures of everything I sent (and what SHE sent!) I will give some clues in the meantime- the categories I fulfilled (we picked 5 out of 10) were:
something bumpy
something green
something cozy
something sharp
and sender’s choice
the last one is kindof a freebie but I think she’ll be ok with that.
Also I made the first item for my Dia De Los Muertos themed swap, but as my wonderful partner is now a follower of this blog (welcome!) there will be no hints! Starting on another item for her hopefully soon. Until then, I leave you with the following gratuitous cat photo, because I’m sickly and I can.

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