Button Mania

Lately I have been completely and totally obsessed with buttons.
I don’t really have a button collection, but I’m interested in changing that very very soon. There are some seriously amazing things that people are creating/embellishing with buttons.

This is made entirely out of buttons. How cool is that?!
I’ve been browsing a new blog, Bonkers About Buttons. As the name suggests it is full of amazing button related projects, and even some tutorials, which is always a plus. Now, while I’m dying to make my own incredible button mosaic, some of the other projects on the blog have me inspired for Mother’s Day.
My grandmother collected buttons that now my mother collects. This year for Mother’s Day I’d love to make her something that honors both her and her own mother using or displaying some of the more special buttons. Here’s some ideas that caught my eye from flickr and craftster.

There were other button shapes I found as well. Hearts and bunnies and a million others, but I think I like the tree the best so far, unless I can think of another image that means something
special to my mom or grandma. The image on the left is part of a button book. I love that idea too!
Got any other creative ideas?

2 thoughts on “Button Mania

  1. I personally love this idea here. I keep wanting to do it with my massive button collection (all handed down from my grandma)http://www.feelingstitchy.com/2011/01/patterns-button-embroidery.html

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