Feast your eyes…

…on my haul from Crafty Feast! I really wanted to photograph and blog the whole thing, but there was so much wind and rain I kinda just had to run through and pick up a few of the things I had my eye on.
love love love these cute tiny earrings from 17 Dove Street! My girlfriend and I could have spent an hour or more looking at all the different colors of earrings and bobby pins they had. Resin is a craft medium I have never mastered, so I’m always in awe of all the teeny little details on stuff like this. Plus, these were only $8! I’ve been wearing them almost every day since I got them, probably going to have to order another pair.
This tote bag from Not Made In China is my favorite purchase of the day, and one of my favorites from the day overall. I love the phrase thats printed on the bag. They also make pocket mirrors, bottle openers and magnets, and I couldn’t resist picking up this one:

What can I say, I’m a sucker for puns. She had local themed choices as well which were all hilarious but somehow too realistic/close to home for me to buy.
I wanted to pick up A LOT of other stuff, but I had to draw the line somewhere. Plus I’m told most of the vendors have online stores as well, so I’m not totally out of luck if I remmember something that I can’t live without.
I love browsing craft shows/fairs to see what kinds of awesome things people are making. There was so much variety this year, I can’t believe how much its grown! Even the boyfriend browsed with me for a little bit when he wasn’t trolling the city for stores participating in Record Store Day.
He even brought me a little freebie!


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