Shopping Trip!

Last Thursday I had a little too much fun. The sale section at Michael’s is always a little dangerous for me. Here are a few of the things I found and picked up:

I’m pretty excited about these. Stretched canvas with awesome designs already around the edge. Could easily stitch something in the center, and most of the work is done for you! The designs are the fuzzy felt/velvet similar to what you find on the posters I used to color as a kid. They had a couple different colors and designs, though I’m told these have been here for a while and may not be available anymore. $2 each
Pretty scented soap!
This will be the perfect addition to those washcloths I knitted not too long ago, though I’ll probably change the paper to something that matches a little better. $1
Also going in the washcloths will be:
A monogram towel/whatever hook!
The one on the left is the one that actually has the hook and hanging parts already attached, but I like the look of the one on the right so much better. They were only $1 each so I got them both and I’ll just move the hanging equipment and hook to the other wooden letter and wrap it in some pretty yarn.
There were countless other cute sale items but I had to show some restraint. Plus I had a baking experiment to work on over the weekend, so I didn’t want to get too distracted. Once I get those photos added I’ll be detailing my experience with these tasty noms:


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