Works in Progress

It’s really easy to let yourself relax after you’ve finished a larger project in a very short time period. Though the Star Wars cross stitch wasn’t a complicated pattern, or a huge one by any means, it was still a little ambitious to try to finish it in the three evenings I had leading up to the party. In fact, I spent a good bit of time the day of finishing it up, and found myself pretty exhausted with the whole activity by the end of it.

Needless to say I’ve been a litte slow to pick up some of my other projects since, taking time to head out of town and relax a little with my family last week was just what I needed to rejuvinate myself and feel like stitching again. Plus another CCC night (Thats Crafts, Cupcakes and Cosmos) helped get some of my creative juices flowing.

 Just a couple random little projects I’ve been doing on and off for the last month or so. The first two are preivously unblogged but the one on the right should look at least a little familiar. I told you I liked having multiple projects at once!
I spent yesterday at work finishing a pattern for another project as well, and I’m still working on charting our zombie friend, as requested by several Craftster members who want to give him a go. Guess I have been hard at work after all!

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