Valentine’s Day Cuteness

Oh my goodness what a week! Last week was busy busy busy right up until the moment my valentine and I sprinted away to the beach for Charleston’s Blues Bash and some much needed relaxation. Much fun was had, even more food was eaten and Sunday night when we got home, in addition to some other handmade goodies, I presented him with this:


Video game themed cross stitches are about as nerdy as they come, and this tetris one is no exception. I honestly can’t remember where this idea came from, I think it may have been another pattern from Geek Crafts but I’ve seen it quite literally all over the internet! I googled and came up with several image results and just left it up on my screen while I went to work.

I’m also a big fan of it’s adorable little frame from Target. It was around $5 when I bought it, but it’ll likely be even cheaper tomorrow!
Tonight though its back to working my own patterns and finally getting started on a 30 Rock themed sampler that I’ve already charted and can’t wait to finish. Fingers crossed for minimal distractions!

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