If you’re anything like me you often have multiple projects going on at once. Keeps things more interesting and fun! Well a friend’s birthday is this weekend, tomorrow in fact, and all week I’ve been ignoring my other stitching projects and working on a little handmade gifty. I only have a few more final touches until its ready to go, including a frame.

That said, I can’t show you yet! On the off chance the birthday girl comes surfing by between now and tomorrow night I don’t want to spoil the surprise. I did take one blurry and non-descript photo on my phone though to share:

I will also tell you that I did not make the pattern myself, but it’s one that I’m pretty excited about. I hope she likes it! Look for the finished project (and a link to where you can get the pattern) on Monday!
PS- if anyone can tell what this might be based on that picture alone you might just become my new best friend. Theres a teeny chance the birthday girl could figure it out, but that would only confirm to me that this should definitely be her gift!

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