This past weekend the boyfriend and I took a trip to Chapel Hill and Carborro for a concert (which was super fun, btw) so I didn’t have much time for stitching.

Instead, I’ll share a project I finished just before starting this blog that took me an entire year to complete.

This project took me forever! I started it one fall as a fun Halloween project, but for whatever reason just couldn’t get it finished. I put it down for MONTHS before finally picking it up again after christmas and finishing it just a couple weeks ago.
The pattern/idea for this came from a project another crafter did, a similar looking zombie made from perler beads! It was easy to transcribe because each individual bead became and individual stitch, so the hard part was pretty much done for me, and using perler bead designs is a great way to practice making your own patterns. I’m working on finalizing the actual pattern for it since I made some changes as I stitched, so as soon as thats done I’ll post it.
I just can’t decide what to do with the little guy now, any thoughts?
More to come this week!


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